Window Tears

A window tear on an inflatable moonwalk is a common problem. There is not a specific reason windows get torn. A jumper’s windows may simply just give way due to the age and use of the unit. Windows on a moonwalk may also tear due to a rider pulling on the material — which is a common issue as children seem to grab the material while jumping on the moonwalk.

What does a torn window on an inflatable moonwalk look like?

As you can see in these pictures, a window tear is fairly easy to diagnose. It is easiest to see the problem when a moonwalk is inflated. You can see the material is torn or has come apart. Torn windows are unsightly and give a bad first impression of a company when a unit is rented. In many cases, a torn window results in a unit being unsafe for riders and should be repaired immediately. If a tear is large enough for a child to put their hand through, we recommend a moonwalk is taken out of a rental rotation and repaired prior to use to ensure no child is injured. This is especially true if the tear is located at the bottom of a window where it meets the jumper floor or mattress as a child can slide out of the jumper and hit the ground.

How do you repair a blown baffle on an inflatable moonwalk?

Once diagnosed and a repair is approved by the customer, we begin by removing the old window. This is the most time consuming part as it requires existing stitching to be taken apart one stitch at a time. A new window is then prepared and sewn back into the unit. Repairing a torn window is a time consuming process, but results in a safe unit that is not unsightly when rented.

How much does this repair cost?

There is no way to give a quote for any repair without seeing the unit. At US Inflatables, we always give an estimate to our customers and get their approval prior to beginning any work. Repair costs vary depending on the damaged area, but all work is charged based on an hourly rate and materials used. Feel free to contact us to arrange a time to drop your unit off at our warehouse or ship it to us. We also offer an on-site repair service to our customers.

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