Seam Tears

A torn seam on an inflatable moonwalk is a common problem. This problem is caused by the jumper material ripping or the stitching coming loose.

What does a blown baffle on an inflatable moonwalk look like?

As you can see in these pictures, a seam tear is fairly easy to diagnose. It is most common to find torn seams in the mattress or slide area of the moonwalk, however, any seam can give out.  In almost every case, a torn seam will be in an area of the inflatable moonwalk that is accessed by children or other riders. With that said, most seam tears result in a unit being unsafe for riders and should be repaired immediately. We recommend a moonwalk is taken out of a rental rotation and repaired prior to use to ensure no child is injured.

How do you repair a seam tear on an inflatable moonwalk?

Once diagnosed and a repair is approved by the customer, we begin by locating the nearest entry point on a unit. Sometimes, this can be done through a vent hole, but often a portion of the jumper must be disassembled in order to gain access to the damaged area. This is the most time consuming part as it requires existing stitching to be taken apart one stitch at a time. Once the damaged area is accessed, the repair can begin. If the jumper material has torn, a patch will be sewn in to give the moonwalk its structural integrity. The jumper material will then be sewn back together and the moonwalk will be reassembled by stitching the material previously taken apart to gain access to the damaged area of the jumper.

How much does this repair cost?

There is no way to give a quote for any repair without seeing the unit. At US Inflatables, we always give an estimate to our customers and get their approval prior to beginning any work. Repair costs vary depending on the damaged area, but all work is charged based on an hourly rate and materials used. Feel free to contact us to arrange a time to drop your unit off at our warehouse or ship it to us. We also offer an on-site repair service to our customers.

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