Inflatable repair is not something people enjoy thinking about, but every unit is eventually going to need it.

Everyone has a different name for them: inflatable, moonwalk, jumper, bounce house, or simply a “bouncy jumpy thingy.” The simple fact is that moonwalks over time tend to begin to show signs of wear. They generally do not need to be retired or thrown away. Instead, a little bit of care is required to get these back into use.

From our roots in inflatable repair and moonwalk repair for our own rental company, vinyl repair continues to be one of our main service areas. Having come from the party rental industry, we understand the importance of getting units repaired quickly. An inflatable moonwalk that is damaged is of no use to anyone and in fact may be a danger if use continues. We always strive for quick turn-around of all inflatable moonwalks brought to us, however, we will not take shortcuts or complete a repair in any way that would allow someone to be injured simply to get a units out quickly.

While we have learned that there are no “typical” repairs, there are some common issues that arise from the use of inflatable moonwalks. Some of these are just from everyday use of a unit, while others may result from neglect or misuse. No US Inflatable employee judges how damage was done. We are here to help get moonwalks repaired and back into service where they belong – making our customers money. Issues we see most often include:

  • Blown Baffles
  • Seam Tears
  • Window Tears
  • Holes
  • Worn steps (Foam or PVC)
  • Slide Blanket tears
  • Slide blanket replacement
  • Broken Zipper
  • Worn Vinyl
  • Leaking pools
  • Leaks in sealed air units

US Inflatables treats each inflatable moonwalk as though it were our own. Most of our employees have children of our own and understand that children are the entire reason that the party rental industry exists. Each inflatable moonwalk that enters our facility is repaired with the thought that one day one of our own children may be at a party with one of these jumpers. It is that thought that has brought us to where we are today and drives us each day.

We also understand that not every rental company can bring their inflatable moonwalks to our facility. Visit our repair locations page to see how we can help you by providing onsite repair services at your office or indoor rental facility.

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