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We began our involvement in the vinyl industry buy purchasing a small inflatable rental company in 2005. We continued to grow that company into one of the largest rental companies in the Atlanta area. By the end of the summer of 2011, the service area for the rental company had grown to covering the entire state.

Early on, we discovered the need for a repair company and turned our attention to one of our partners, Brad Thorson. He is now one of the owners, the Lead Repair Technician and oversees all of the repairs and construction that US Inflatables completes. Brad loves to tell the story of how he got involved in the trade.

“I was raised in a house full of women. I had three sisters and a stay-at-home mother,” Brad recalled. “My father worked as an electrical engineer for a local power company and at times, the going was tough. My mother made due with everything we had. My sister’s clothes went down the line from oldest to youngest and my mother was quite clear about their upkeep. If it had a hole or tear in the item, the girls were responsible for repairing it or sewing on a patch. It didn’t take long for them to look at me and wonder why I got special treatment as the only boy. My mom put a quick stop to that and enforced the same rules on me. If you ripped it, you fix it.

“As a typical young boy growing up, you can imagine the number of times I ripped something or got a hole in the knee of a pair of pants. So began my sewing career. During my time in the Marines, I was a popular one as well. Every time someone got a new set of cammies, they came to me to sew on name tapes and other items.

“Now as I look back, it was only natural that I continue to do something my mother taught me so well.”

US Inflatables grew from our roots in the inflatable rental industry. We did repairs for our own company and through word of mouth to other rental companies in the local area. As the repair business continued to grow, we noticed the larger need for a company that could serve the state and the entire Southeast United States. In early 2011, we opened our doors to doing repairs and construction for the general public.

We now have a large client base and do certified repairs for a number of manufacturers including Moonwalker-Sales based just outside Orlando, Florida.

We have a number of customers who also come to us from outside the inflatable industry and are happy to be able to help them with their projects including: heavy-duty table cloths for catering companies; vehicle covers; covers for trackless trains; sandbags for tent and advertising companies and many others as well.

“I love taking something that is broken and having it repaired at the end of the day. It’s also pretty cool to take something that is just an idea from a customer or one of our employees and making it a reality,” said Brad. “There’s something special to see the things I repair or make and watch them come to life once inflated or put into use.”

Please enjoy our website and feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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